What should you expect for ceremony music?

When you hire musicians for your ceremony, you can expect them to play prelude, processional, unity ceremony, and recessional music for you.

Prelude music usually starts about 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. Guests arrive and are seated while this music is playing.

Processional music starts the ceremony by introducing the family and the wedding party. Then, usually with a change of music, the bride walks down the aisle.

After the ceremony started, a lot of couples choose to do a unity ceremony, such as unity candle, or sand. Usually the musicians would play a piece during this ceremony since no one is talking and it is all quiet for some special music.

After the officiant announce the couple, the musicians play the recessional music- first for the couple, then for all the guests.

Since the ceremony is all about the couple, brides and grooms usually pick the pieces that have unique meanings to them. I’ve even played Dark Vader theme, Super Mario 1up or Final Fantasy Prelude for weddings. What’s your favorite piece you would walk down the aisle? Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts!